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ohYEAHindigenousbeauty is about showing beauty within the Indigenous and American Indian (Native American) community. Beauty that shows in both Traditional and Modern.


Sierra Blanco

Sam Tsosie

My new earrings, made by @littleskycustoms ! Beautiful. #buynative #nativefashion #shopnative #earrings #selfie #jewelry #nativeamerican #diné #navajo #littleskycustoms

All my heroes have killed cowboys
☞Meet the Navajo Activist Who Got the Washington Redskins’ Trademark Revoked: Amanda Blackhorse☜

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☞Chester Nez☜



World War II ended 66 years ago, but the war is still fresh in Chester Nez’s mind.

Enemy soldiers haven’t attacked him in his dreams in several years, but he remembers the faces of the dead and dying on the shores of Guadalcanal. He remembers hearing the voices of enemy soldiers, the sound…

nativepeopleproblems said:

How does Indigenous Beauty of the Month work?

We no longer hold Indigenous Beauty of the Month anymore. sorry

princess-tigerlillyy said:

This is such a great blog!

Thank you!

Checotah Davis ,Cheyenne/Coushatta , 21 yeard old , aspiring model/Artist