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ohYEAHindigenousbeauty is about showing beauty within the Indigenous and American Indian (Native American) community. Beauty that shows in both Traditional and Modern.

Checotah Davis ,Cheyenne/Coushatta , 21 yeard old , aspiring model/Artist
halfrooster said:

I really love your post, they are. Dry interesting.... 👌👌👌

Thank you?

Anonymous said:

What do you think of white people calling Native Ameericans/Indigenous people Indians?

I don’t know. I mean, it’s not really hard to get educated on the correct term to use on American Indian people. I guess….it depends on the person. :)


Cheekbones til I die


How are all our followers doing? :)


Native American Women Finally Gain More Protection From Rape and Abuse Thanks to VAWA
Thanks to the latest reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the U.S. government is beginning to take steps to strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence within American Indian tribes. On Thursday, the Justice Department announced that three tribes will participate in a pilot program that will allow them to prosecute non-Native­ men for abuse against Native American women, an initiative that will eventually be expanded to additional tribes.

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